NUOVA Opera & Music Theatre Festival

Our 2020 Festival Season is Postponed to 2022

Copious amounts of work have already gone into making this season a reality, and we are looking forward to being able to share it with you in 2022. Our productions will include The Music Man (Willson), The Crucible (Ward), and a double bill of Dido and Aeneas (Purcell) with Aeneas and Dido (Rolfe). If you’ve received your season brochure in the mail please hold onto it for reference to help mitigate the cost of reprinting next year.

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Join Opera NUOVA throughout the six-weeks of this annual classic music Festival to share in the promotion and celebration of Canada’s emerging artists. Each year, we bring over 80 singers, pianists, stage directors and other personnel from across the country to Edmonton to share in the development of their craft and talents as they help audiences discover the passion and love of opera and musical theatre. We endeavor to share exceptional artistry  at reasonable prices. 


Perspective Beyond the Smoke & Mirrors

A Letter from our  Artistic Director


It is exciting to delve into such a relevant theme for our 2022 Opera and Music Theatre Festival. All of the offerings of our 23rd year consider how our perspectives can be altered, skewed, clarified, or inspired by people and circumstances in our lives. Our early music opera, Dido & Aeneas, reveals how a heroine allows her destiny to be shaped by a harmful belief which leads to her tragic death. We have paired this Purcell masterpiece with a modern retelling of this classic story by a brilliant Canadian composer, James Rolfe. 

Our mainstage productions offer insight into how individual perspective shape a community’s realities. This happens sometimes in a very positive way, as in the fictional town of River City in Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man. In stark contrast, Robert Ward’s opera, The Crucible, shows the devastating results that unfold within a rigid Puritan community.

All the Festival’s creative works dance around a theme of smoke and mirrors. The characters of these fictional communities will challenge the audience to live inside these shared experiences, facing a mirror of awareness. These creative platforms remind us that the world we create is constantly shaped by our perspectives and our ability to discern the difference between truth and lies.

It is our desire to dig deep into this very important theme and inspire thoughtful discourse inspired by great artistry. 

Kim Mattice Wanat
Founder & Artistic Director


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