Emerging Artist Profile:
Brenda Katzeff

Young Artist Program - Pianist
Province/Territory: British Columbia
City: Vancouver

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Répétiteur/Pianist: City Workers in Love

How are you preparing for NUOVA’s program?

  • Practice, practice, practice! This is the most challenging music I’ve had to work with, so I’ve been setting time aside each day to review it thoroughly. I’ve also been talking to some NUOVA alumni, since I know a few people in Vancouver who have done the program, to get some tips and an idea of what to expect from the program as this is my first time participating in it, which has been really helpful in my preparation.

What attracts you to NUOVA’s programs?

  • While there are many intensive training programs out there for singers, there aren’t that many for collaborative pianists. As this is a career which really interests me, Opera NUOVA is the perfect program to follow that career path, thanks to the mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities it offers. I also like the focus on contemporary pieces for this year’s productions. I’m mostly classically trained, so this will get me out of my comfort zone—which is a good thing! I am very excited for this program and can’t wait to work with everyone!

Artist Bio     

Brenda is thrilled to be joining Opera NUOVA for their 20th anniversary season! From Vancouver, BC, Brenda has been studying music for most of her life and is passionate about opera. She received her ARCT diploma in piano performance from the RCM, followed by her Pedagogy certificate from the BC Conservatory of Music, where she also teaches and accompanies students. Brenda has enjoyed performing in many concerts, festivals, recitals, and events, including the 2016 BCCM Gala Concert, and more recently, a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony, where she was the pianist for 'O Canada.'

In addition to piano, Brenda also studies voice, and has sung with choirs and opera companies throughout Vancouver. Recent performances include The Barber of Seville with Burnaby Lyric Opera, Les Contes d’Hoffmann and Cavalleria Rusticana with Opera Opulenza.