Emerging Artist Profile:
Christopher Knopp

Young Artist Program - Pianist Province/Territory: British Columbia
City: Surrey

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Répétiteur/Pianist: Much Ado!

How are you preparing for NUOVA’s program?

As the opera I am working on, Much Ado!, is a new work, I cannot listen to it in preparation for NUOVA this summer.  So instead, I am watching the Shakespeare play to get a sense of the story and the poetry, and listening to other works by James Garner to get a sense of his compositional style. I am also studying diction and voice and, of course, I am practicing the piano as much as possible!

What attracts you to NUOVA’s programs? Why this year?

I began only in the last two or three years to play with singers, and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  I have recently begun to wonder if I might find it a fulfilling career to work as a répétiteur, and this is a chance for me to experience and ‘try it out’ during my university education.  I am also very excited to work on a new, Canadian opera. I have no idea what to expect other than a good time and lots of work.



Artist Bio

o   Education:

McGill University (2017-2020) B. Mus (Piano Performance)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2015-2017) (started B. Mus)

o   Experience/Roles:

Pierrot Lunaire, Pianist/coach (McGill University, 2019)

Die Schöne Mullerin, Pianist (MuzeWest Concerts, 2018)

Die Zauberflöte, Pianist (Company, 2018)

o   Mentors/Inspirations:

Michael McMahon, Jane Hayes, Stéphane Lemelin

o   Upcoming Engagement(s):

Solo Recital with MuzeWest Concerts, Summer 2019

Producer, pianist with Solos and Symphonies, Summer 2019