Emerging Artist Profile:
Marcel van Helden

Young Artist Program - Singer Voice Type: Tenor
Province/Territory: Ontario
City: Acton

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Monostatos: The Arctic Flute

Chorus: City Workers in Love

How are you preparing for NUOVA’s program?

  • As I have already performed the role of Monostatos at school two years ago I am looking deeper into the acting and what drives my character to do the awful things he does.  Of course with this includes the practice required to bring my new skills in singing that I have developed since the last time presenting this role.

What attracts you to NUOVA’s programs? Why this year?

  • Opera NUOVA has been suggested to me by teachers and peers as a highly intense program that has the ability to change your entire outlook on a singing career.  I am excited by the intense schedule and large amount of work that I have been told to expect as I am the type of person who enjoys working under such strenuous conditions.  On top of the program layout and performance opportunities I am very excited to meet and work with great faculty at Opera NUOVA, specifically Michael Cavanagh and Benjamin Butterfield.

Artist Bio     

Marcel van Helden is a tenor pursuing a Master's degree in Voice Performance at Western University under the tutelage of Torin Chiles.  In 2017 Marcel performed in his first opera as Monostatos in Mozart's The Magic Flute and continued his operatic studies in Lucca, Italy where he performed the role of Don Ottavio in Mozart's Don Giovanni. He has sung with various choirs in southern Ontario including the Georgetown Bach Chorale, Musikay, and the Association of Male Choirs of Ontario. Some of his notable solo roles have been Handel's Messiah, Bach's St. Matthew and St. John Passions, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Choral Fantasy with the Rose Orchestra of Brampton.  In addition to singing Marcel possesses a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in physics and enjoys discussing and teaching subjects surrounding mathematics, sciences, and music.