Opera NUOVA: Information and History

Opera NUOVA is a charitable, not-for-profit organization established in 1998, primarily as a training organization for operatic vocalists and collaborative pianists across Canada. Our focus is to bridge the gap between academic and professional careers and we have developed a reputation as one of the best training programs in the country.

Opera NUOVA has evolved into a two-tiered organization. We continue to provide training to emerging artists across the country but also offer the NUOVA Opera and Music Theatre Festival to the community, which is Canada’s largest festival of Opera and Musical Theatre works.

As a production company we focus primarily in Greater Edmonton but also tour productions to other parts of the province. A significant amount of work has been dedicated to outreach and to young audience development. Our goal has always been to offer these performances in an intimate setting at modest prices.

Our Mandate

Opera NUOVA – Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association is dedicated to the advanced training and promotion of operatic vocalists and collaborative pianists across Canada, offering a bridge between the academic and professional worlds.

Our Mission Statement

Opera NUOVA will unite the talents of Canadian vocalists and pianists to share the experience of studying the operatic and music theatre crafts and to realize through performance, the passion of the operatic and music theatre genres. We will produce professional operatic productions that offer opportunities to emerging Canadian talent while maintaining the highest artistic and musical standards.

Our productions should serve to further educate and expand the knowledge of different kinds of opera while thoroughly entertaining the paying public. We will be committed to developing new audiences by:

  • presenting operatic and music theatre works in intimate theatrical settings, where audience members can effectively be drawn into the drama of the production;
  • producing operatic and music theatre productions that integrate children and adults, from the community into professional productions;
  • bringing opera and musical theatre to schools;
  • presenting outreach performances for communities that rarely have the opportunity to see opera or musical theatre.