Elizabeth Chamberlain

Elizabeth Chamberlain as Amy March

Elizabeth Chamberlain is a singer, actor, songwriter, and dancer who has pronounced herself in the film, music, and theatre industries.
Elizabeth’s most proud theatre achievement is spending months living in British Columbia doing an 82-show run of an original musical written by Brian Turner The Red Mountain, of which she played the namesake character of the show, Red Mountain. Elizabeth’s two most proud film achievements include playing Alexandra ‘Zee’ Bradbury in the Hollywood Sci-Fi film series “Space Command” directed and produced by Marc Zicree, as well as composing and performing a signature song for “The Code” directed by multi-award winning director Patrick Ryder in England. Elizabeth Chamberlain graduated and has earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the University of Alberta. Elizabeth has also graduated from the Theatre Arts program at Grant MacEwan University. Recently, Elizabeth has also been enjoying her time teaching musical theatre to youth who wish to pursue these crafts Elizabeth studies and works in. Elizabeth is known for her fiery passion for the arts and her willingness to constantly pursue it wherever it takes her.