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Photos by Nanc Price (Nanc Price Photography) & Ed Ellis (Ellis Photo)

Spring Intensive Program – Overview

June 4, 2022-July 17, 2022

Since 1998, Opera NUOVA has offered emerging Canadian artists the opportunity to advance their craft and artistry through its renowned Young Artist Summer Programs. Our intensive programs aim to bridge the gap between academic and professional careers in the operatic and music theatre art forms. There is also a focus on helping students clarify their professional goals and to realize the many ways to use their artistry within the performing arts. Opera NUOVA is an affiliate spring program to The King’s University. Upon completion, all participants receive a formal Certificate of Completion. University credit may be given according to your university or college guidelines.

Opera NUOVA offers a variety of spring program streams that all coincide with and contribute to the annual NUOVA Festival of Opera & Music Theatre. Our Young Artist Programs are designed for emerging artists at varying levels of artistic & professional development from high school to Masters’ degree graduates:

Ten-Day Development Program for Singers
Five-Week Apprentice Program for Singers 
Six-Week Emerging Artist Program for Singers
Six-Week Collaborative Pianist Program
Professional Development Internships for Aspiring Stage Directors and Conductors
Work Study Program for Aspiring Stage Management & Craftspersons

Auditions for every program are typically held in November each year. Because of the size of the NUOVA Festival and the scope of complexity of its productions, NUOVA requires a commitment to offers made in mid-December with a week.

Learn more about Opera NUOVA with the following videos:

Listen to Alumni Jeremy Carver James sing about NUOVA