Internship Programs for
Directors & Conductors

Candide (2014) - Photo of the Company

The Company of Bernstein’s Candide” – Photo by Nanc Price



Aspiring directors and conductors may participate in this Six-Week Program to get hands-on, practical experience in their field. Applicants must have previous experience with opera or theatre on the college, community, and/or professional level. Participants are selected on the basis of prior training, experience, demonstrated interest, and assessed potential in professional theatre. Participants normally will have completed at least two years of relevant academic training, with related professional experience, or will have experience in a related area of professional performing arts. Participants must read music proficiently. Knowledge of a foreign language is an asset.

Program Dates: May 23 – July 5, 2019

Assistant Director Professional Internship:    

As an Intern Director, participants will assist the faculty directors and work-study stage managers with blocking notation and production documentation. They will be required to attend every production meeting and may assist with staging. Assistant Directors will have the opportunity to stage scenes for a variety of public performances and concerts and this work will be monitored and guided by the professional directorial team.

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Assistant Conductor Professional Internship:     

Conducting Interns will work directly with our music faculty, receiving valuable instruction in technique and musical leadership. They will learn practically through observing, coaching, and conducting, as well as take part in specifically designed forums to assess their individual questions and needs. There will be ample opportunity to develop technique and gain experience through conducting rehearsals. Based upon experience and at the discretion of the artistic team, the conducting intern may have the opportunity to conduct a dress rehearsal or matinée mainstage performance.

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