Emerging Artist Profile:
Chihiro Yasufuku・安福知優

Artist's Website: Click Here

Young Artist Program - Singer Voice Type: Soprano
Province/Territory: Ontario
City: Toronto

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Ottavia: "The Coronation of Poppea"

In preparation for NUOVA's program, I am currently spending time familiarizing myself with music from Monteverdi’s time and gaining as much knowledge as I can about The Coronation of Poppea through listening, reading and singing! My hopes are to apply what I’ve absorbed throughout my undergraduate studies so far (not only as a musician but as a person too!) in bringing light to Ottavia and her story.

I was first introduced to Opera NUOVA in the first year of my undergraduate studies, and have always had interest in the high artistic and musical standards that are maintained throughout NUOVA's programs. As artists continue to express and communicate the complex emotions that are being felt during these difficult times, I am beyond honoured to have the opportunity to meet and work with fellow musicians in this shared experience.

Artist Bio

Driven by a love for music, culture, nature and psychology, Japanese soprano Chihiro Yasufuku・安福知優 (she/her) currently pursues a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance under the tutelage of Nathalie Paulin and Trevor Chartrand. Chihiro recently appeared in the University of Toronto’s Tuesday at Noon Concert, From Requiem to Light, where she freshly combined the oratorio and art song repertoire of Felix Mendelssohn and Shinji Takatsuki. Earlier last year, Chihiro was also seen in the Festival of Song: Songs of Hope and Comfort, coached and curated by Steven Blier, a John R. Stratton Visitor in Music for 2020-21.

Establishing a strong passion for 日本歌曲・Nihon Kakyoku (Japanese Art Song) and music originating from Japan over the years, Chihiro currently aspires to expand the prominence of these musical genres in the western music community through the Hibiki Project, launched in September of 2021 alongside collaborative pianist Sakurako Jayne Abe. In addition to her work as a performer and creator, Chihiro’s interests have expanded towards the applications of music in interdisciplinary settings. This was most notably seen from her initiation of the Musical Meditation Program during her secondary education, an interest which continues to grow through her engagement in multiple innovative projects including the Daniel Robinson Outreach Program and Sounds in Isolation. Outside of the University of Toronto, Chihiro continues her studies as a violinist under the guidance of Sarah Fraser Raff.

Born in Chiba, Japan, Chihiro is currently based in Toronto, Canada.