Emerging Artist Profile:
Elise Parsonage

Young Artist Program - Singer Voice Type: Soprano
Province/Territory: British Columbia
City: Vernon

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Virtue: "The Coronation of Poppea"

I am preparing for NUOVA this year as I prepare for my final undergraduate recital. The hours of practice, masterclasses, and lessons will translate to other repertoire and help me to be a stronger singer and learner. I want to do NUOVA this year as it is my last year I will be in music and so immersed in such complex repertoire that will prepare me for the program. I want to do it before I take my degree in education because I think it will give me sight into opera at a higher calibre and a chance to work with many incredible teachers and artists that I can learn from and incorporate into my future in Opera.

Artist Bio

Elise Parsonage is a Soprano born and raised in the Okanagan in British Columbia. She began piano at the age of 7 and began voice lessons at the age of 15. She is currently based in Saskatoon, SK while completing her undergrad degree at the University of Saskatchewan, studying voice with a minor in Drama. She has performed with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, various music theatre ensembles and festivals in both BC and SK and participated in the Kinsmen Competition which she won in the spring of 2021 in Saskatoon. She has a deep love for musical theatre which drove her to embark on this adventure in the fall of 2018. She hopes to continue growing her voice and continuing to participate in every available opportunity to improve and gain experience in the opera world.