Emerging Artist Profile:
Eva Neudorf

Young Artist Program - Singer Voice Type: Soprano
Province/Territory: Saskatchewan
City: Regina

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Participating in the 10-Day Intensive Program

I am preparing for NUOVA's program in the following ways:  I am currently preparing a range of repertoire to bring to the program.  I am also participating in an Opera and Choral ensemble, as well as taking Diction classes in addition my voice lessons so that when I come to the intensive, I will be prepared to participate and learn to the best of my ability.  I have also been looking after my physical health through exercise and nutrition to remain healthy and ready to participate!  I am also preparing for the program by keeping an open mind and an eagerness to learn as I continue my vocal studies.


What attracts you to NUOVA’s programs?

The main element that attracted me to NUOVA's programs was the focus on immersive vocal training within a supportive environment.  As someone who has interests in how movement maintains positive effects on the voice, I am also eager to take part in movement classes and the Alexander technique.  I am very excited to be challenged in new ways as an artist and to meet like-minded individuals who will share their perspectives on the musical world and how we can move the industry forward for a new generation.  This year draws me particularly because I will be graduating this spring from my undergraduate program in music and this program is an important next step for me in my development as a singer.  I am also very grateful for the opportunity work face to face in an intensive and I would like to take this opportunity as it becomes safe to do so.

Artist Bio

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Eva studies voice at the University of Manitoba, which allows her to grace the stage and share her love of singing in both provinces.  Recent performances include her third-year undergraduate recital (May 2021), classical and pop selections for the virtual A Hop into Pop concert (April 2021) and the role of Servilia in Ah perdona al primo affetto from Mozart’s La Clamenza Di Tito (March 2021).  She is also involved in solo work at Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish.  Eva has performed with the Regina Lyric Singers, at the Regina and Winnipeg Music Festivals and the Saskatchewan Music Festival Provincials, and with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.  She is the recipient of the James Seaton Trophy (March 2019) and holds multiple academic and performance scholarships.  Currently, Eva is preparing excerpts from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte (February 2022), and Handel’s Solomon (March 2022) with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  She looks forward to presenting her graduating recital in May and to continue sharing her love with music in the classical sphere and beyond.