Emerging Artist Profile:
Nicky Lumley

Young Artist Program - Singer Voice Type: Tenor
Province/Territory: Alberta
City: St. Albert

Role(s) in this year's festival:

Hugo: "Tuck Everlasting"
Jason: "A Grand Night for Singing"

I have been bugging every single person I know to have them help me prepare for my role. I get them to run lines, listen to my songs, and give feedback on what they think. I love getting as many voices and opinions as possible when I prepare anything.

I have been told by a few people in the past to look into NUOVA's programs. It's been something I've been interested in looking at for a few years now. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for me to grow as a performer, and also build some new relationships in the theatre community. I chose to join this year because I have been looking for a way to rejoin the theatre community ever since covid hit, and I thought this would be an excellent start.

Artist Bio

Nicky is an actor and singer based in St. Albert. He graduated from a musical theatre intensive program in 2020. Nicky also recently placed 1st in the Alberta Music Festival for Musical Theatre Ballad. He has been in multiple performances including Beauty and The Beast (Foote in the Door Productions), Phantom of the Opera (Paul Kane Highschool Theatre,) and Les Misérables (Paul Kane Highschool Theatre). He also has a passion for writing his own original songs. His other hobby includes working with youth to teach and develop their talents and skills so they can better succeed in the future.