Dead Man Walking (2015)

Dead Man Walking 2015 Main Promo Image
Music by Jake Heggie
Libretto by Terrence McNally
Based on the novel by Sister Helen Prejean

By arrangement with Bent Pen Music.
Sole Agent: Bill Holab Music

This opera was commissioned by
the San Francisco Opera.

Conducted by Rosemary Thomson
Directed by Brian Deedrick
Set & Lighting Design by Terry Gunvordahl
Costume Coordination by Betty Kolodziej
Assistant Conductor: Chad Heltzel

Based on the book by Sister Helen Prejean, spiritual adviser to convicted murderer Joseph De Rocher, this opera depicts the months of interaction between this nun and death row inmate. De Rocher wants Sister Helen to help him appeal his sentence, while Sister Helen tries to convince him to confess to the murders of two young people. This incredibly emotional and moving story presents the complex sides of any one tragedy, the victims and its unpredictable consequences.

AUDIENCE WARNING: This opera deals with mature subject matter, contains violence and is appropriate for audience members aged 14 years and up.

Performance Dates and Location

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June 30, 2015 at 7:30pm
July 2, 2015 at 7:30pm
July 3, 2015 at 7:30pm
July 4, 2015 at 7:30pm


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Individual tickets available May 1, 2015

Advance Tickets: Adults $40 / Seniors $35 / Students $30
At the Door: Add $4 to the above prices.

Individual tickets are available beginning May 1st, 2015:

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Cast List     

Role June 30 & July 3 July 2 & 4 Cover
Father Grenville Joé Lampron-Dandonneau Joé Lampron-Dandonneau Sébastien Comtois
First Mother Valérie Poisson Valérie Poisson  
George Benton Simon Chalifoux Simon Chalifoux Ben Braz
Howard Boucher Sébastien Comtois Sébastien Comtois Joé Lampron-Dandonneau
Jade Boucher Leanne Kaufman Jamie Groote  
Joseph De Rocher Kjel Erickson Jordan Collalto  
Kitty Hart / Paralegal Jocelyn Fralick Kendra Dyck  
Motorcycle Cop Alexis Wilkinson Robert Popoli  
Mrs. Charlton & Nurse Jamie Groote Leanne Kaufman  
Mrs. Patrick De Rocher Natalie Image Ellory Clayton  
Older Brother Ben Braz Ben Braz  
Owen Hart Tyler Fitzgerald Tyler Fitzgerald  
Prison Guard 2 Gabriel Benesh Gabriel Benesh  
Prison Guard 1 Eric Epp Eric Epp  
Sister Catherine Jocelyn Francescut Jocelyn Francescut  
Sister Helen Prejean Simona Genga Heidi Jost  
Sister Lillianne Meher Pavri Meher Pavri  
Sister Rose Jessica Kos-Whicher Paula Berry Jocelyn Fralick
Younger Brother Grayson Nesbitt Grayson Nesbitt  
Nuns Elizabeth Polese, Molly Luhta, Katrina Townsend
Mothers Susanne Reimer, Leslie Bickle
Inmates Arthur Boan, Max Lebeuf, Taylor Fawcett, Anthony Rodrigues, Jordan Sabo, John Johnston, Jesse Setka, David Boan, Ross Mortimer, Adam Sperry, Adam Harris, Ben Braz, Grayson Nesbitt

Full Synopsis     

From Wikipedia:

Place: Louisiana
Time: 1980s

Prologue: A teenage boy and a teenage girl are parked near a secluded lake at night, on a date. They have the radio on in their car, and are making out to its music. The De Rocher brothers, hiding nearby, emerge from the shadows, quietly. One turns the radio off; the two brothers attack the teens. Anthony grabs the boy, who begins struggling; Joseph attacks the girl and begins to rape her. The boy continues struggling until Anthony shoots him once, at the base of the skull, execution-style; this causes the girl to scream. In a panic, Joseph stabs her until she is silent.

Act 1

Scene 1: Hope House, Sister Helen's mission, run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Medaille

Sister Helen, with the aid of some of the other sisters, is teaching the children a hymn; this hymn, "He Will Gather Us Around", becomes Helen's leitmotif during the course of the opera. After the children leave, Helen reveals to her colleagues that she has heard from an inmate on death row with whom she has been corresponding. He has asked her to be his spiritual adviser through his execution, and she has decided to accept. The sisters are shocked, warning Helen of the dangers of her position, but she is firm.

Scene 2: The drive to the prison

Helen drives to Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) and muses on her acceptance of De Rocher's request. She is stopped by a motorcycle policeman for speeding, but he lets her off with a warning after a short humorous soliloquy; "I never gave a ticket to a nun before. Gave a ticket to an IRS agent once… got audited that year. Tell you what…"

Scene 3: Angola State Prison

Helen arrives at the prison and is met by Father Grenville, the prison chaplain, who conducts her inside.

Scene 4: Father Grenville's office

Father Grenville criticizes Sister Helen's choice to work with De Rocher, claiming that the man is unreachable; he tells her that she's in over her head. Helen responds that it is her duty to attempt to help the man. Father Grenville leaves her to meet with Warden Benton, who asks many of the same questions and also criticizes her decision. He conducts her to Death Row to meet with De Rocher.

Scene 5: Death Row

Warden Benton and Sister Helen walk through Death Row to reach the visiting room. They're heckled by the inmates (chorus) who in turn shout profanities at her and ask her to say prayers for them.

Scene 6: Death Row visiting room

Warden Benton conducts De Rocher into the visiting room. He is friendly and easy-going. They converse; he asks her to speak at the pardon board hearing on his behalf to have his sentence commuted to life. He seems convinced that she will not return to help him; she assures him that such is not the case.

Scene 7: The pardon board hearing

Sister Helen is present with De Rocher's mother and two of his younger brothers, who plead with the pardon board on his behalf. One of Joseph's victims' parents lashes out at her in anger.

Scene 8: The courthouse parking lot

The four parents of De Rocher's victims speak angrily to his mother and to Sister Helen, who tries to calm both sides. The parents accuse her of not understanding their pain and sorrow. Word comes from the pardon board; De Rocher has not commutation. Barring intercession from the governor for clemency, he is to die for his crime.

Scene 9: Death Row visiting room

De Rocher is convinced that Helen has abandoned him; she enters, late, and tells him that she has not and will not. He is angry and rejects all her suggestions to confess and make peace with his actions. The warden enters and tells Helen to leave at once.

Scene 10: The prison waiting room

Helen is trying to find money to buy food from the vending machine, having forgotten to eat. She begins to hear the voices, in her head, of the parents, the children at Hope House, Father Grenville, the motorcycle policeman, Warden Benton, and her colleagues, all telling her to stop trying to help De Rocher. The warden enters to tell her that the governor has refused to act to save him, and gives Helen some money for the machine. She stands for a moment, then faints.

Act 2

Scene 1: Joseph De Rocher's prison cell

A guard enters and tells De Rocher, who is doing pushups, that his execution date has been set for August 4. The guard leaves; Joseph muses on his fate.

Scene 2: Sister Helen's bedroom

Helen wakes up in terror from a nightmare, alarming Sister Rose, who begs her to stop working with De Rocher. Rose reminds her that she has not slept well since she began helping him. Helen says she cannot; the two women pray for the strength to forgive De Rocher.

Scene 3: Joseph's cell

It is the evening of the date set for the execution. De Rocher and Sister Helen are talking; they discover they share a common love for Elvis. For the first time he admits that he is afraid. She reassures him, urging him to confess and make peace with what he has done; again he refuses. The warden enters and informs them that his mother is there to see him.

Scene 4: The visiting room

Mrs. De Rocher and her two younger sons have arrived. Joseph visits with them, and tries to apologize; she does not hear him, preferring to believe to the end that he is innocent. She complains that she baked him cookies, but was not allowed to bring them in. She asks Helen to take a last picture of the four of them together with the camera in her purse. The guards lead Joseph away; she looks after him, reminiscing, near tears, eventually losing control. She thanks Helen for all that she has done; Helen promises to take the cookies for her.

Scene 5: Outside the Death House

Helen speaks with the victims' parents. One of them, Owen Hart, takes her aside and confesses that he is less sure of what he wants now than he was; he tells her that he and his wife have separated due to the stress they have felt. Helen tries to console him; they agree to part as "Fellow victims of Joseph De Rocher".

Scene 6/7: Joseph's holding cell

Helen and De Rocher converse for the last time; she asks him to confess to the murders. This time, something in him snaps; he breaks down and tells her the entire story. He expects Helen to hate him; instead, she says she forgives him, and that she will be "the face of love" for him. He thanks her. Father Grenville enters and begins the final preparations for the execution.

Scene 8: March to the execution chamber/The execution chamber

Guards, inmates, the warden, the parents, the chaplain, and protesters assembled outside the prison sing the Lord's Prayer as Sister Helen reads a passage from the book of Isaiah. They approach the death chamber, and Helen is separated from De Rocher. The warden asks if he has any last words; he says he does, and asks forgiveness from the parents of the murdered teenagers. The warden gives the nod, and the execution proceeds. De Rocher dies thanking Helen once again for her love; the opera ends as she stands over his body and sings her hymn one last time.