I Capuleti e I Montecchi (2016)

(Romeo & Juliet)

Composed By: Vincenzo BelliniI Capuleti e I Montecchi Opera NUOVA
Libretto By: Felice Romani

Conducted By: Stu Martin
Directed By: Carol Castel
Stage Manager: Mona (Fengyi) Jiang
Assistant Stage Manager: Isabel Berquist
Set & Lighting Design By: TBD
Costumer: Betty Kolodziej
Repetiteurs: Holly Kroeker & Jack Olzewski

Opera and the Oasis
The Oasis Centre, 10930 177 StreetOasis Centre Logo

June 15 & 17 @ 7:30 PM 

Sung in Italian with English Subtitles

In fair Verona, the Guelph and Gibelline political factions rage war against each other. Romeo, leader of the Ghibelline has killed the son of Capellio, leader of the Guelph. Capellio’s daughter, Giulietta, has fallen in love with Romeo, but is engaged to Tebaldo.  The Oasis Centre will be transformed into a luxurious and unique stand in for Verona, as we watch this secret love affair develop.

Ticket Prices

Advance Tickets are available April 15, 2016

Adults – $26.00
Seniors – $24.00
Students – $20.00

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Ticket prices increase by $4 at the door.
All Performances are General Seating

Cast List     

                                           June 15                                     June 17
                Jamie Groote                               Amanda Weatherall
Giulietta                              Brittany Rae                                 Nansee Hughes
Tebaldo                              Joé Lampron-Dandonneau           Matthew Dalen
Capellio                              Simon Chalifoux*                         Simon Chalifoux*
Lorenzo                              Dylan Langon                              Peter Brooks

Sarah Amelard, Corey Arnold, Daniela Agostino, Emma Bergin, Allan Cabral de Sá, Ellory Clayton, Ian Cleary, Sébastien Comtois, Jill Goranson, Fanny Grenier, River Guard, Nolan Kehler, Emili Losier, Kassandra Schantz, Nathan Sawatsky-Dyck, Chad Quigley, Rebecca Thackray, Burak Yaman

*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Full Synopsis     

Edited from http://www.operatoday.com/content/2006/04/bellini_i_capul_1.php

Part One

A gallery in the Capuleti palace.

The city of Verona is torn apart by civil strife. The followers of the Capuleti family (the ‘Guelfi’) oppose the followers of the Montecchi family (the ‘Ghibellini’). Fearing an attack, Capellio has called his people to exhort them to continue the struggle. He informs them that Romeo, the head of the Montecchi, is sending an envoy with peace proposals. Capellio offers Tebaldo his daughter, Giulietta; and they are to be married that evening. Knowing of the secret bond between Romeo and Giulietta, Lorenzo advises against the marriage. Romeo arrives to discuss peace. He proposes that the peace be sealed by the marriage of Romeo and Giulietta. Capellio refuses and promises future bloodshed.

A room in Giulietta's apartment

Giulietta learns of her father's decision. She sadly calls out to her beloved Romeo. Lorenzo arrives with Romeo through a secret door to Giulietta's room. Romeo embraces Giulietta and urges her to run away with him. She refuses because of her duty to obey her father.

Part Two

A courtyard in Capellio's palace

The Guelfi celebrate the imminent wedding of Giulietta and Tebaldo. Romeo, disguised as a Guelfi, confides to Lorenzo that there are a thousand armed Ghibellini outside the city preparing to attack. Lorenzo urges him to abandon his plans, all to no avail. During the commotion, Romeo races to join his men. Giulietta enters in her wedding dress. Romeo reaches her and urges her to follow him. Capellio and Tebaldo arrive leading the Guelfi.

Part Three

An apartment in Capellio's palace

Giulietta is anxious. Lorenzo tells her that Romeo is safe; however, the wedding will take place the next day. Lorenzo devises a stratagem. He advises her to take a potion that will produce a deathlike condition. Giulietta immediately grasps the potion and drinks it. Capellio enters and instructs her to retire and to prepare for the wedding. Giulietta implores him to embrace her.

A deserted place near Capellio's palace

Alarmed by the lack of news, Romeo searches for Lorenzo. He comes upon Tebaldo who challenges him to a duel. Just as they are about to engage in combat, they are taken aback by funeral music. It is a funeral procession to Giulietta's tomb. Both overwhelmed with grief, Romeo and Tebaldo disengage.

Part Four

At the tombs of the Capuleti

Led by Romeo, the Ghibellini arrive to mourn. He orders her tomb to be opened and bids farewell to Giulietta. He then takes poison. Giulietta awakens and calls out to Romeo. She sees him at the foot of the sepulcher, thinking that he is there at Lorenzo's instructions. She soon realizes the truth when Romeo tells her he has taken poison. Romeo dies and Giuletta falls dead upon his body. The Guelfi and Ghibellini rush in and observe the tragic scene.